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Intro to Programming

This course aims to introduce students to the computer programming language Python. We will discuss why an understanding of programming is essential in modern society, cover the basics of constructing a program from a series of simple instructions in Python, and delve into practical uses of programming skills in various industries.  More advanced concepts like data structures, networked application program interfaces, and databases will also be covered.  Students will learn how to translate their knowledge of Python into other languages like Javascript and Go. Throughout the course we will also discuss various cutting edge topics including Mobile App Development, Security & Privacy, Opensource, Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and others.

Instructor:  Dave Conklin


Students should have completed Algebra 1 and have some aptitude/interest in computer programming.  Actual programming experience is not required. If you have any questions, please contact me at


We will be using Python for Everybody: Exploring Data in Python 3 by Dr. Charles Russell Severance and will also follow along with the related Coursera course offering.  We will supplement with a number of free online resources.

Students will need a functioning laptop they can bring to class.  This does not need to be the latest and greatest model! The laptop should minimally:

Have at least 2GB of RAM and 1GB storage

Boot up reliably on a Mac, Linux or Windows OS

Run a modern web browser with several tabs open without crashing/lagging


Personal Finance

Course Description

As parents, we know the devastating impact of financial illiteracy:  bankruptcy, broken marriages, high stress levels.  Let me help you show your student the financial impact of their choices.  Along the way, we will cover (and they will get to experience via practice) the following subjects:  Working with Microsoft Excel*, Budgeting, Student Loans and Financial Aid, Career Choice and Payroll, Car Purchase, Home Purchase and Furnishing, Marriage, Children and Divorce, Investments and Retirement Saving, All Types of Insurance.  The class is a journey through the student’s “life” from graduation to their mid 40s.  Each lesson, the student will learn a financial truth and apply it by making a choice that will impact their personal budget.  They will calculate and see their savings rise and fall based on these choices.

*Student must be able to bring laptop loaded with Microsoft Excel to the first 8 classes. No other spreadsheet software is acceptable.

Instructor: Charla McKinley 

Materials Required:  

Student Workbook (purchased separately at

Laptop with MS Excel loaded (needed mandatory for first 8 weeks of class, optional after)


Springs Christian Theatre

Springs Christian Theatre is an extra curricular drama opportunity for public, private & home schooled students ages 8 and up to learn performance skills and teamwork through musicals and plays. Each semester class focuses on learning basic acting skills and culminates with a performance. For more information, contact Tiffany Schmidt at

Springs Christian Theatre presents…


“Acorns to Oaks”

Thursday, February 20, 7 PM – canceled due to inclement weather

Friday, February 21, 4 PM – New show time!

Friday, February 21, 7 PM

Colonial Baptist Church

6051 Tryon Rd, Cary

Enter through the WEST rounded portico and follow the signs to Colonial Corners – 2nd floor of Children’s Center

Synopsis: This musical takes place at Promise Land Farm, where some farmers teach the Parable of the Sower to several farmhands who don’t know a thing about farming, or how it relates to the gospel. Using Matthew 13, the farmers teach the farmhands not only how to plant seeds, but also how to let the Word of God take root and grow in their hearts.

FREE Admission. It’s about 70 minutes long with creative characters, upbeat songs and a lasting message! A wonderful message for an audience of all ages. Hope you can join us.

Questions? Contact:

Facebook: Springs Christian Theatre

Instagram: springstheatre07

Tiffany Schmidt

Director, Springs Christian Theatre

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the ‘springs’ of life.” – Proverbs 4:23



Musical Theatre Class with Springs Christian Theatre

October 7, 2019 – February 24, 2020
Monday’s 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Colonial Baptist Church (Colonial Corners)
Ages 8-16
Production: final week of February

Parent info meeting and auditions/get to know each other group activities:
Monday, Sept 30, 3:30-5:30
3:30 – 4:00 parents & students
4:00 – 5:30 students only

$10/audition fee (due Sept 30)
$40/month tuition (due Oct – Feb)

To audition:
• Email name & age of student by Friday, 9/27 to Tiffany Schmidt @
• Attend parent meeting @3:30 on Mon, 9/30 in Colonial Corners 
• If you are trying for a speaking role, come with minute or less monologue (poem, speech, character from a book or favorite movie) — You could also prepare something with a sibling or friend. — Have fun with this!! 
• If you are trying for a solo or duet, come with a minute or less song. (Any praise song you know well is great!)
• If not trying for speaking/singing roles, you do not have to audition alone. You can participate in the group scenes and song choreography.
• Only a small part of auditions will be singing/speaking.  Most of time will be group activities, getting to know each other, acting games, & learning song choreography.

Commitment/Volunteers: Each family needs to have someone available to commit to helping put on our production. Volunteers interested in helping with various areas are welcome to contact me.

Volunteers/Questions?: contact Tiffany Schmidt or


English Grammar and Composition



This is a comprehensive grammar, spelling/vocabulary, and beginning writing course that
includes literary analysis. This class is offered primarily to 8th and 9th grade students, or any
student who needs to strengthen their basic grammar and writing skills in preparation for future
English classes. Students can expect 2 – 3 hours of homework per week for this class.
The grammar curriculum for this course is Saxon Grammar and Writing 8, the 2nd edition. This
complete curriculum is developed in the classic Saxon model of incremental development and
continuous review. Students can expect thorough instruction and practice in the areas of types
of sentences, capitalization, punctuation, diagramming, active and passive voice, personal
pronouns, adjectives, irregular verbs, appositives, the colon, italics, and many, many more.
In addition to an extensive grammar focus, this course also provides instruction for writing
various essays and papers. We use the Windows to the World curriculum, which is very
efficient for helping students learn valuable writing skills while also providing instruction on
literary analysis as the basis for their writing. The Windows to the World Curriculum includes
instruction in the following topics as the basis for literary analysis and writing: annotation, plot/
suspense, characterization, symbol, theme, setting, mood/tone, irony, parallelism, allusions, and
point of view.
The spelling and vocabulary component of the course includes weekly focus and mastery of
prefixes, root words, and suffixes utilizing the Word Roots curriculum from The Critical Thinking
Company. This curriculum is provided by the instructor through weekly pdf’s and does not need
to be purchased.  This is a two-semester (year) course and counts as 1.0 English credit.

INSTRUCTOR:  Missy Meece


1. Grammar and Writing 8 (Student Text ONLY) by Saxon Publishers (around $35)

2. Windows to the World: An Introduction to Literary Analysis (Student Text ONLY) by IEW
Publishers (around $30)

3. Spelling/Vocabulary (Word Roots Level 1) by The Critical Thinking Company — teacher
supplies weekly pdf (free)