English 1 – Survey of Literature and Introduction to Composition


This survey of all things literature includes two sections: literature and composition. For literature, we’ll read through four genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Using Fundamentals of Literature from Bob Jones Press, students will gain the skills of a discerning reader by focusing on the fundamentals of literature — conflict, character, theme, structure, point of view, and moral tone. This course encourages critical thinking skills through classroom discussion of questions answered at home. Material presented in the early weeks will resurface time and again, a method known as spiral learning, which cements ideas through repetition.

Students have probably learned how to write in several different modes through elementary and middle school. This class begins with concrete writing and covers a variety of skill such as types of introductions, sequencing, informative reports, point of view, and how to avoid plagiarism. Students will have a writing assignment each week, ranging from creative writing to research-based essays and poetry. I introduce the basics of MLA formatting for all students. Grammar is not taught separately, but is addressed and corrected through extensive, personalized feedback on each essay. Additional grammar instruction at home will make this a complete English credit.

This class is an excellent overview of the reading and writing skills necessary for higher level courses.

Teacher: Dee Dee Vogt

Email: dddukegrad@gmail.com



Fundamentals of Literature Grade 9 Student Text, 2nd Edition (ISBN-10: 1591668875)

Purchase on Amazon, from Bob Jones directly at www.bjupress.com, or any other discount arena. *Be sure to check out the eTextbook option. This is a lower-cost option, but will require excellent note-taking skills since the student cannot write on the text itself.

Fundamentals of Literature Tests (2nd ed.) (ISBN: 978-1-59166-890-9)