The goal of the English Basics class is to provide students with a strong foundation in language arts concepts for future work in upper-level high school English classes.  Topics of the class include instruction and practice in grammar, punctuation, parts of speech, spelling rules, expanding vocabulary, diagramming sentences, sentence structure, and improving writing.  The text used for this class is Saxon Grammar and Writing, the 2nd edition.  Families who have used Saxon curriculum for math will recognize a similar format also utilized in the Grammar and Writing program:  incremental daily lessons, periodic review sets, and tests.  In addition to daily practice in grammar, students will also benefit from a systematic writing program that guides them through the process from writing good sentences to composing a complete 5-paragraph essay.  The English Basics class is offered primarily to 8th grade students or to 9th grade students who desire to improve on their grammar and writing skills prior to taking upper-level high school English classes.  Students can expect 2 – 3 hours of homework to prepare for each class meeting.

INSTRUCTOR:  Missy Meece


Grammar and Writing 8, Student Text, 2nd edition



Publisher:  Saxon


Grammar and Writing 8, Student Workbook, 2nd edition


ISBN:  9780544044333

Publisher:  Saxon Publishers