Instructor: Mindy Black

Class Time: Tuesday 11:20-12:50

Would you like to have your child well prepared for high school math classes?  The Pre-Algebra class will focus on making sure that all the skills are cemented in order to move easily into high school math.

We will be using Saxon Pre-Algebra (Edition 3), which provides a balanced, integrated mathematics program.  We will cover concepts such as prime and composite numbers, fractions and decimals (which are very important to master before Algebra!), order of operations, coordinates, exponents, square roots, ratios, algebraic phrases, probability, and more.

Class will involve instruction time as well as time for the students to practice the concepts in class.  Parents are asked to participate by using the answer key to correct a portion of the weekly homework, as well as monitoring exams.

Textbook: Saxon Algebra 1/2 (3rd Edition)

You do not need the DIVE CD.