High School Study Skills


The High School Study Skills course uses a comprehensive curriculum. I will explain concepts in class, assist students in class as they practice those new skills, and then provide extra practice for home use. This is the first book I have ever found that incorporates practicing the skills both in and out of the classroom. The topics covered include:

  • Study Time, Place, Habits, and Goals
  • Interpreting and Creating Visual Aids
  • Using Graphic Organizers and Charts
  • Reading and Taking Notes from Textbooks
  • Taking Notes in Class
  • Using Reference Sources
  • Remembering Information
  • Taking Tests
  • Building Vocabulary Through Word Meaning Clues (also known as context, a skill specifically tested in the SAT)

At-home worksheets aren’t extremely time-consuming, but they do reinforce the skill. Even better, some units require students to practice the skills using information they are learning in other classes! That’s really putting these new abilities to work! By the time this semester is through, each student should have had sufficient practice to implement their favorite method for learning, retaining, and recalling information.

Teacher: Missy Meece


The text for this class is High School Student Activity Book, 4th Edition published by Mangrum-Strichart.

This is a new edition that can only be bought through the publisher. The price for each student book is $50+shipping.

I opted to pre-purchase books last year so that I could get a volume discount. Therefore, the first 6 students to register will be able to purchase their books directly from me for $44.00 even. I will contact parents separately as they register to arrange payment.

If you are not one of the first 15, you may go to http://tinyurl.com/hyy9tj7 to order your own copy.