The High School Study Skills and Academic Strategies for Success course uses a comprehensive curriculum that covers a variety of beneficial topics including:

  • Learning Styles
  • Study Habits
  • Time Management
  • Using Graphic Organizers for Taking Notes
  • Taking Notes from Texts and In Class
  • Using Reference Sources
  • Remembering Information Using Pneumonic Devices
  • Test Taking Strategies (including Final Exams preparation)
  • Building Vocabulary Through Context Clues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Students are provided opportunities to practice the strategies and techniques learned in class using information/texts from their other classes for immediate application.  By the end of the semester, each student will have sufficient practice to implement their favorite methods for learning, retaining, and recalling information.  Students can expect 30 – 45 minutes of homework to prepare for each class meeting.


TEXTHigh School Student Activity Book, 4th Edition published by Mangrum-Strichart.

This is a new edition that can only be bought through the publisher. The price for each student book is $50+shipping.  In order to save money for families, I will be ordering the books directly from the publisher in bulk for a discounted price.  In this way, the price for each book will be $40 plus $4.00 for the shipping for a total of $44.00 for each student.  I will be ordering the textbooks July 31.  If you register for this class after July 31, you will need to order your own copy of the book directly from the publisher.  Please come to our first class with payment for the textbook.